Industrial Signal Booster Software Limited

Established in 1989, Industrial Control Software is a world leader in the signal booster arena, providing comprehensive solutions using the most advanced software techniques and industrial best practises.

One of the keys to our success is our ability to move quickly to adapt our products and services to take advantage of the latest developments in signal amplification technology. At the same time we are able to respond rapidly to customer’s individual requirements ensuring we meet the rigorous demands placed on mobile phone signal booster solution providers in today’s fast moving market.

The IMAC software portfolio consists of five packages:

• IMAC Sentinel: Comprehensive alarm handling.
• IMAC Xpert: Real-time alarm analysis for Key Performance Indicators.
• IMAC Xpert For Excel:   Alarm Analysis using Microsoft Excel.
• IMAC Custodian: Replaces Alarm Override and Inhibit log books.
• IMAC Sentinel Lite: Replaces any alarm, event, report or screen dump printers.

Backed by over 15 years experience in the signal booster field and used by blue chip customers world wide, IMAC is the Industry Standard for Mobile booster.

Quality Mobile Signal Booster At Home

If you are looking for mobile boosters then it is essential that you have an idea on the different types of boosters that are available in the market. Each mobile carrier may provide you a different type of mobile booster. Besides even in the open market you can find boosters offering different features to the users. You can check out the online resources to get an idea on the different types of boosters that are available in the market.

There are small cellular base stations available which connects to the mobile phone network station using your broadband connection. In these types of boosters internet connection is required. It is efficient in connecting larger networks; therefore it is just not your home but also the nearby homes that will receive the signals on their mobile phones. This is one of the best solutions to those people who face poorest signal problems, where they don’t receive even a single bar in their mobile phone.