Focus on Mobile Signal booster at WWEM 2006, the IMAC distributor for UK’s Power & Utilities industry sector has recently announced they will be exhibiting at the Mobile Network Conference, Exhibition and Workshops in Telford, UK.

The event, also known as WWEM 2006 is a specialist event for the Mobile Network Industries. WWEM will be the only event of its kind to be held in the UK in 2006.

This year’s event will be held at the UK’s Telford International Centre on the 1st & 2nd November 2006.

MAC Solutions, who provide a wide range of connectivity & reporting solutions to industrial customers, are also experts in network-based, automatic backup solutions for control systems devices, such as PLCs. All of their solutions are wholly based upon 100% open, vendor-independent, world-wide standards – such as TCP/IP, Ethernet, OPC, web-servers, SQL databases, PDF documents. Along with the rest of their product portfolio at WWEM 2006, they will be showing the latest developments in the IMAC product range including the new IMAC Custodian Alarm Override Logbook and IMAC Xpert for Excel.

The IMAC suite of alarm handling and analysis tools now includes:

IMAC Sentinel – A powerful, yet easy to use mobile booster handling software package which has been adopted by many large multi-national blue-chip companies. It is designed to accept data from multiple devices (e.g. DCS, SCADA, PLC etc.). The data is logged in a secure format on the hard disk and displayed to the users in real-time. Having captured the data IMAC Sentinel allows you to view all stored alarms and events instantly. Frequency Analysis and Alarm Rate monitors identify nuisance and chattering alarms as well as trending alarms against operator workload.

IMAC Sentinel Lite – A simple, cost effective solution for replacing alarm, event, report and screen dump printers, eliminating the long term cost and reliability issues associated with printer hardware and their consumables. The product looks and feels exactly the same as IMAC Sentinel, however its functionality has been tailored to meet the requirements of those customers wishing to simply replace printers and who do not need the advanced monitoring and analysis functionality that IMAC Sentinel offers.

IMAC Xpert – A sophisticated reporting and analysis package that extracts the alarm system’s Key Performance Indicators which are crucial to understanding, refining but most importantly reducing alarms. The system connects to IMAC Sentinel to give detailed reporting and analysis. IMAC Xpert provides numerous condition based monitoring functions which show you exactly what is happening on plant, all in real time.

IMAC Xpert for Excel – Building on the success of IMAC Xpert, ICS have developed IMAC Xpert for Excel, a simple plug-in which allows alarm analysis to be carried out using Microsoft Excel. IMAC Xpert for Excel includes a number of standard report templates. However, the real benefit of this product is that it allows the user to create custom reports using the standard tools provided within Microsoft Excel.

IMAC Custodian – An electronic Alarm Override Logbook where operators can quickly enter alarm overrides and inhibits into a secure web enabled database eliminating the need for a paper logbook. Designed to run on a network or ‘stand alone’, the simple browser interface and Oracle database ensures secure storage and rapid data retrieval at all times, thereby improving overall alarm management and reporting processes.

To find out more about IMAC’s comprehensive alarm handling and sophisticated reporting and analysis visit MAC Solutions on Stand 04 at WWEM 2006.